BCDA Economic Zones

BCDA is looking for partners who wish to invest and locate in the economic zones (Clark Special Economic Zone, John Hay Special Economic Zone, Poro Point Freeport Zone and Morong Special Economic Zone) and other properties of BCDA, i.e. Metro Manila Camps transferred through Republic Act No. 7227.


Under Republic Act No. 9400, which amended the Bases Conversion and Development Act of 1992 (R.A. 7227), the following incentives shall apply:

Fiscal Incentives

5% special tax on gross income and exemption from all national and local taxes
Tax and duty-free importation of raw materials and capital equipment
Investing can be done through the following means: participation in public biddings or by direct negotiation.

In the case of the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), lease rates, approved by its Board of Directors are published which facilitate the direct negotiation between the Clark Development Corporation, BCDA’s subsidiary/operating arm in CSEZ, and the prospective investors. Thus, businesses that are willing to set shop in CSEZ can go directly to the CDC.

In other economic zones, while direct negotiation may be resorted to depending on the nature of investment, the standard procedure for entertaining business opportunities is through competitive bidding. For opportunities, advertisements are published here from time to time and in major newspapers and broadsheets in the country.


John Hay Management Corporation’s Asset Disposition Program for CY2017 focuses on the development of the Sheridan Drive Center and the Mile Hi Complex which are both located within the John Hay Special Economic Zone at Camp John Hay, Baguio City.

Sheridan Drive Center is a 2.5-hectare property envisioned to be a mixed-commercial area that will house commercial & retail establishments, various offices, BPO centers and hotels espousing a “live, work and play” concept. Meanwhile, the Mile Hi Center, a 1-hectare property adjacent to The Manor, is planned to be developed into a modern family-oriented tourism and commercial complex targeted to cater day tourists and locals alike.

Due to the proximity of the Sheridan Drive and Mile Hi Complex at various landmarks within the Camp John Hay, proposed developments will complement and sustain the concept of the Special Tourism Economic Zone.


San Fernando Airport

As an alternative to commercial aviation, the disposition plan of the San Fernando Airport (SFA) is proposed in four phases:

Phase 1 – 1-ha. Area for aviation-related activities and businesses.
Phase 2 – 1.2-ha. Area in front of the Terminal Building (North Wing) for commercial-related and/or aviation related business (e.g. shopping/airport terminal)
Phase 3 – 0.880-ha. Area in front of the Terminal Building (South Wing) for commercial and/or aviation related business to be bid out in 2018
Phase 4 – Operation and Maintenance of the 40.5-ha. section of the SFA in 2020-2021
Currently, aircraft traffic in the SFA is increasing. SFA is now gaining fame as one of the best locations for aviation schools doing cross-country training flights.

Poro Point Lighthouse

The Poro Point Lighthouse is a 6-hectare property for long-term lease and development. The property is master-planned as mixed-use tourism area. Development to be introduced are limited to tourism-leisure and entertainment-related facilities and amenities.

Poro Point Bay Walk Commercial Strip

The Poro Point Baywalk Commercial Strip is open to all interested developers/investors and will also cater to local business owners and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The Strip consists of forty-four (44) cut-lots with a lot size of 400 square meters per lot. Proposed businesses include restaurants, cafes, shops/boutiques, bazaars and wellness shop, among others.