Posted : June 8, 2016

Bid Bulletin No. 1

07 June 2016

1. Please be informed of the following issues and clarifications on the Bidding Documents raised during the Pre-Bid Conference held on 02 June 2016 at the BCDA Conference Rooms A & B, BCDA Corporate Center:





Reminder on the Statement
Identifying the Single Largest Completed Contract Similar to the Contract on
Bid equivalent to 50% of the ABC.

Bidder must have  one
(1) completed project which costs at least 50% of the ABC or PhP12,233,736.34
and which has a fencing component.

Which shall be supported by the following:

a. Contract,
b. CPES rating sheets (if applicable),
c. Certificates of Completion or Owner s Acceptance, and

d. Bill of Quantities or Scope of Works (for proof of fencing component).


Reminder on the Statement of all
On-going Government and Private Contracts, including Contracts Awarded but
Not Yet Started.

The Bidders are required to list  all on-going government and private contracts including contracts awarded but no yet started, if any, whether similar or not similar to the contract to be bid.


Can the bidders be provided with the checklist of documents to be submitted?

The checklist and tabbing requirements of the documents to be submitted are on  page 93 of the bidding documents.


Reminder on the Omnibus Sworn

Please make sure
to submit the current format of the Omnibus Sworn Statement prescribed by

The current GPPB prescribed form for the Omnibus Sworn Statement is provided in the Bidding Documents (Section IX Bidding Forms,  Page 65 & 66 for sole
proprietorship and page 67 & 68 for partnership/corporation/
cooperative/joint venture)


Clarification on the permits to be
secured during the project implementation.

The Project requires
work permit/s from the SCTEX Operator (Manila North Tollways Corporation).


Clarification on Material Testing.

The bid price
shall be inclusive of all necessary material testing.

All material testing shall be done by a third
party material testing laboratory duly accredited by DPWH.


Clarification on the Instruction to

Sub-Clause 11.1(a)(iii.13) of the Instructions to Bidders, to read as:

(iii.13) the statement of completed government and private contracts similar to the contract on bid shall be supported by the following:

a. Contract,
b. CPES rating sheets (if applicable),
c. Certificates of Completion or Owner s Acceptance, and

d. Bill of Quantities or Scope of Works (for proof of fencing component).

The requirement to
attach either the Bill of Quantities or Scope of Works is to ensure that the
declared project has a fencing component.


Clarification on the Traffic

management is necessary to ensure the safety of the workers and the motorists
during the implementation of the works.

The Bidders are required to submit an amount on a
per month basis for traffic management on the Bill of Quantities based from
its proposed traffic management plan for the duration of the project.

In order to assist the Bidders to come up with an
accurate bid, we encourage you to visit the SCTEX Toll Operator, Tollways
Management Corporation (TMC) at Toll Operations Center Building, Brgy.
Dolores, Mabalacat City, Pampanga, and inquire the minimum traffic management
requirements for lane closure considering your proposed work schedules.


Clarification on the Bid Security.

The Bidder shall choose any of the
following as Bid Security:

1. Cash, Cashier s/Manger s Check issued by a universal or commercial bank equivalent to two percent (2%) of the ABC or PhP489,349.45

2. Bid Securing Declaration (Form prescribed in Section IX Bidding Forms)

Any bid not accompanied
by an acceptable Bid Security shall be rejected and declared non-responsive.


Reminder on the Bid Prices.

The Bid Price
shall be inclusive of VAT and all other applicable taxes and fees.

The Bid Price shall also be fixed i.e., inclusive
of all discounts. No separate discounts shall be considered.


Clarification on the Value Added
Tax (VAT) to be imposed on the unit price.

VAT shall be twelve percent (12%).


Can the Bidder assign a Safety Officer instead of a Safety Engineer?

Yes. As long as he/she has DOLE
accreditation on Occupational Safety & Health (OSH).


Clarification on the Dayworks

Replace the capacity of Telescopic Boom Truck from 20 tons to 5-6 tons .


Clarification on the Bid Data

Amend the last day of submission of bids from 15 June 2016 to 14 June 2016 .

Amend the date of bid opening from 15 June 2016 to 14 June 2016 .


Reminder on the Authorized

Please make sure that the signatory
on the proposal is the one duly authorized by the partnership/corporation/
cooperative/joint venture.

It should be supported
by document showing proof of authorization.


Reminder on the Sealing and Marking
of Bids.

The bidder shall submit One (1)
Original and One (1) Copy of its bid.

If the bids are not sealed and marked as required,
BCDA will assume no responsibility for the misplacement or premature opening
of the bid.



2. Bid Bulletin No. 1 is issued for the purpose of clarifying the contents of Bidding Documents and to reflect modifications and corrections thereon.

3. BCDA practices the No-Contact Rule during the procurement activities. All prospective Bidders are advised to avoid any telephone call or visit on any matter regarding the subject bidding. Subject to the deadlines, all inquiries shall be in writing and addressed to the Vice Chairperson of the BACSI and the answers thereto shall also be in writing as well through the issuance of Bid Bulletins.
Please help BCDA uphold the integrity of the bidding process by strictly following the NO Contact Rule and the Anti-Corruption Policy of the government.
4. This Bid Bulletin shall form part of the Bidding Documents that will be made integral part of the Contract Agreement.
5. All provisions, conditions and statement in the Bidding Documents that are inconsistent herewith are hereby modified or rendered ineffective, as the case may be. However, any inconsistency between the Bidding Documents, Bid Bulletin and the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9184, the latter shall prevail.
6. BCDA shall not assume any responsibility regarding erroneous interpretations or conclusions made by the Bidder out of the data furnished by BCDA in relation to this bidding. The Bidder shall be responsible in ensuring the completeness and accuracy of its submission after taking the steps to carefully examine the Bidding Documents including this Bid Bulletin No. 1.
7. To ensure punctuality in the submission of bids, please synchronize your timepieces with the BCDA clock displayed at the lobby.
8. Please be reminded that the last day for the submission of bids will be on 14 June 2016, 12:00 NN at the BCDA office.  
For your information and strict compliance.
The Chairperson