New Clark City Investment

BCDA is bent on building the New Clark City as the Philippines’ largest and first smart, green and disaster-resilient city. To realize this grand dream, BCDA is exploring partnership opportunities for real estate development, wellness and eco-tourism development and utilities development and operations. To address food security and continuity of business in case major disaster/s strike the sea, areas for partnership also include the development of a food processing terminal and a government center, respectively.

As a business model, BCDA is inclined towards joint venture development where BCDA is willing to have a minority share.

Real Estate Developments

Among the developments being envisioned in this regard include the establishment of an Innovation District, Hospital and Medical Research Facilities, Mixed-Use Development (Residential, Institutional, and Commercial); and Industrial Estates that involve “green innovation” technologies, food technology and pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

A unique project where investors can come in is the development of a Government Center which will house national government agencies that will provide a one-stop shop for businesses located inside the New Clark City. This complex is likewise intended to serve as a back-up office for national government agencies to provide continuous business and service in case of disaster and national calamities. The responsibilities and contribution of the private sector and BCDA to the project shall be: design, build, finance, operate, manage, transfer buildings and facilities; and contribute land, lease buildings from private sector and sub-lease buildings to government agencies/units/offices, respectively.

Utilities Development and Operations

To complement the development of real estate parcels of the New Clark City, BCDA will also form a Joint Venture Corporation with a Private Partner for the utilities development of the city. BCDA will hold the minority equity and provide the land and rights to the Joint Venture Corporation and the Private Partner will hold majority equity and provide financing, technical expertise, engineering procurement and construction of the utilities.

Long-term partnership is being explored as well for an integrated network of the following utilities: a) power, b) water, c) telecommunication and information system, d) solid waste management; and e) gas supply and distribution system. To connect these utility lines, investment/partnership is also welcome for the development of an Integrated Operations Center.

Eco-Tourism and Wellness Development

To promote general health and well-being of residents and visitors of the New Clark City, some areas of the Public Realm shall be developed as pocket parks and interest areas such as mountain bike trails, theme park, etc. BCDA shall contribute the land where such amenity/facility can be built by the Private Partner, which, in turn, shall design, build, finance, operate and manage the required infrastructure and facilities for the proposed eco-tourism and wellness activities.