Transparency Seal

Updated: May 7, 2015
National Budget Circular 542, issued by the Department of Budget and
Management on August 29, 2012, reiterates compliance with Section 93 of the General Appropriations Act of FY 2012.
I. The agency's mandates and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information

a. The agency's mandates and functions

b. BCDA Corporate Directory

II. Annual Reports, as required Under NBC 507 and 507-A for the last three years

a. Statement of Allotment, Obligation and Balances

a.1 2017

a.2 2016

a.2.1   As of December 2016

a.2.2   As of November 2016

a.2.3   As of October 2016 

a.2.4   As of September 2016

a.2.5   As of August 2016 

a.2.6   As of July 2016

a.2.7   As of June 2016

a.2.8   As of May 2016

a.2.9   As of April 2016

a.2.10 As of March 2016

a.2.11 As of February 2016 

a.2.12 As of January 2016

a.3 2015

a.3.1   As of December 2015

a.3.2   As of November 2015

a.3.3   As of October 2015

a.3.4   As of September 2015

a.3.5   As of August 2015

a.3.6   As of July 2015

a.3.7   As of June 2015

a.3.8   As of May 2015

a.3.9   As of April 2015

a.3.10 As of March 2015

a.3.11 As of February 2015

a.3.12 As of January 2015

a.4 2014

a.4.1   As of December 2014

a.4.2   As of November 2014

a.4.3   As of October 2014

a.4.4   As of September 2014

a.4.5   As of August 2014 

a.4.6   As of July 2014

a.4.7   As of June 2014 

a.4.8   As of May 2014 

a.4.9   As of April 2014

a.4.10 As of March 2014

a.4.11 As of February 2014

a.4.12 As of January 2014

a.5 2013

a.5.1  As of December 2013

a.5.2  As of November 2013

a.5.3  As of October 2013

a.5.4  As of September 2013

a.5.5  As of August 2013

a.5.6  As of July 2013

a.5.7  As of June 2013

a.5.8  As of May 2013

a.5.9  As of April 2013

a.6 2012 

a.6.1  As of December 2012

a.6.2  As of November 2012

a.6.3  As of August 2012

a.7 2011

a.8 2010

b. Income and Financial Report of Operations

b.1  2017

b.2  2016

b.2.1   As of December 2016

b.2.2   As of November 2016

b.2.3   As of October 2016 

b.2.4   As of September 2016

b.2.5   As of August 2016 

b.2.6   As of July 2016

b.2.7   As of June 2016

b.2.8   As of May 2016 

b.2.9   As of April 2016

b.2.10 As of March 2016

b.2.11 As of February 2016 

b.2.12 As of January 2016

b.3 2015

b.3.1   As of December 2015

b.3.2   As of November 2015

b.3.3   As of October 2015

b.3.4   As of September 2015

b.3.5   As of August 2015

b.3.6   As of July 2015

b.3.7   As of June 2015

b.3.8   As of May 2015

b.3.9   As of April 2015

b.3.10 As of March 2015

b.3.11 As of February 2015

b.3.12 As of January 2015

b.4 2014

b.4.1   As of December 2014

b.5.6 As of July 2013

b.5.7 As of June 2013

b.5.8 As of May 2013

b.5.9 As of April 2013

b.6 2012

b.6.1 As of December 2012

b.6.2 As of November 2012

b.6.3 As of October 2012

b.7 2011

b.8 2010

c. Physical Plan

c.1 2013

c.2 2012

c.3 2011

c.4 2010

III. Approved Budgets and Corresponding Targets

a. 2017

BCDA Approved Budget

b. 2016

BCDA Approved Budget

c. 2015

BCDA Approved Budget

d. 2014

BCDA Approved Budget

e. 2013

BCDA Approved Budget

f. 2012

1. BCDA Approved Budget

2. Corresponding Targets

IV. Major programs and projects categorized in accordance with the five key result areas under E.O. No. 43, s.2011

V. The program/projects beneficiaries as indentified in the applicable special provisions (Not Applicable)

VI. Status of implementation and program/project evaluation and/or assessment reports

VII. Annual Procurement Plan, Contracts awarded and the name of contractors/suppliers/consultant

a. Annual Procurement Plan

a.1   APP 2017

a.2   Updated APP 2016

a.3   APP 2016

a.4   Updated APP 2015

a.5   APP 2015

a.6   Updated APP 2014

a.7   APP 2014

a.8   Updated APP 2013

a.9   APP 2013

a.10 Updated APP 2012

a.11  APP 2012

b. Contracts awarded and the name of contractors/suppliers/consultant

b.1 2016

Summary of Awarded Contracts

Public Bidding and Alternative Mode of Procurement (Supporting Documents)

Public Bidding (Supporting Documents)

Alternative Mode of Procurement (Supporting Documents)

b.3 2014

Summary of Awarded Contracts

Public Bidding (Supporting Documents)

Alternative Mode of Procurement (Supporting Documents)

b.4 2013

Summary of Awarded Contracts for 2013

Public Bidding 2013 Supporting Documents (Link)

Ref No 2437227

Ref No 2431090

Ref No 2408583

Ref No 2395487

Ref No 2395487 (contract)

Ref No 2339964

Ref No 2339964 (contract)

Ref No 2333190

Ref No 2333190 (contract)

Ref No 2331475

Ref No 2331475 (contract)

Ref No 2309283

Ref No 2289044

Ref No 2283729

Ref No 2276500

Ref No 2232271

Ref No 2227643

Ref No 2166802

Ref No 2157367

Ref No 2189855

Ref No 2168592

Ref No 2133526

Ref No 2133498 & 2133498-2

Ref No 2133498 & 2133498-2 (contract)

Ref No 2130174

Ref No 2130060 & 2130060-2

Ref No 2107551

Ref No 2104322

Ref No 2096595

Ref No 2096369

Ref No 209544 & 2095442-2

Ref No 209544 & 2095442-2 (contract)

Ref No 2092584

Ref No 2091980 & 2091980-2

Ref No 2457384

Ref No 2399765

Ref No 2399765 (contract)

Ref No 2448109

Ref No 2448109 (contract)

Ref No 2466345

Ref No 2503772

Ref No 2480032

Ref No 1991823 (bidding conducted in 2012)

Ref No 1978164 (bidding conducted in 2012)

Other Mode of Procurement / Small Value Procurement

Venue for Business Conference with Tuskon Delegates


Venue for Press Briefing of DND Press Corps



Venue for Training on ISO Requirement & QMS



Venue for President's Caucus.pdf



Venue for Teambuilding of SAPMD


Venue for ISSP Update Training






Group Insurance 2013-2014

Group Insurance 2013-2014 (contract)








Consulting for 2014 BCDA Board Planning Session

Consulting for 2014 BCDA Planning Session (contract)





PO5000000236 (APR 13-0131S)


Venue for 2nd BCDA Group Financial Summit



















Supply & Delivery of 2013 Christmas Basket

Environmental Testing of BGC for 2014


b.4 2012

Summary Awarded Contracts for 2012

2012 Supporting Documents

Purchase Order / NOA

PhilGEPS Reference No. 2061204

PhilGEPS Reference No. 2033582

PhilGEPS Reference No. 2040315

PhilGEPS Reference No. 1885368

PhilGEPS Reference No. 1845263

PhilGEPS Reference No. 1822096

PhilGEPS Reference No. 1747705

Contracts / NOA / NTP


PhilGEPS Reference No. 1917458

PhilGEPS Reference No. 1903266

PhilGEPS Reference No. 1750131

PhilGEPS Reference No. 2002834

PhilGEPS Reference No. 1991823

PhilGEPS Reference No. 1978164

PhilGEPS Reference No. 1934283

PhilGEPS Reference No. 1757042

VIII. Validation of QMS Certification

a. BCDA ISO Certification

b. Surveillance Audit Report